Monday, May 4, 2009

i would much rather be watching totoro

best kids movie ever.
i want a cat bus.
if i wasn't afraid of cats, i would buy one and name it catbus.
i think its about time i wrote something of relevance here.
by relevance i mean something that is not overly depressing.
that would be nice.

i looked at houses today.
it looks like i'm going to have to pitch and buy a house next year with some friends.
i will confess to you that although i crave independence 
more than your average junky craves a fix,
the concept of moving out of my home and 
buying a house before i am legally an adult
is absolutely terrifying.
completely fucking terrifying.
well thats not all that happy is it.

good news is that my friends are generally spoiled so it will be a nice house.
31 days of high school left.
is it just me, or does getting a report card make anyone else feel like a 6 year old?
it reminds me of going through that phase 
where you realize what a horrible institution the school system is,
and that true intelligence isn't measured in 4 marks out of 100 hundred 
which are then averaged together 
to determine your worth to society blah blah blah
and you sit in your room faking sick moaning and groaning 
and chain smoking
and all that jazz.
i hope i'm not the only one who did that.
i'm over it now, report cards are just silly.

what am i even talking about again?

oh yes.
i had an interview with war child canada.
it wasn't actually an interview because it was quite obvious that i wasn't going to be hired,
but it was for university outreach coordination stuff at my university.
it was cool.
i think it was just for experience.

i'd like to share three gems with you now,
if you wouldn't mind.

Down the Line - Jose Gonzalez.
beauty in song form.
i feel like this is the mental state that i am in the majority of the time.

chez marat - Esther Rimbaud
this kid is just brilliant, and canadian

Four Women - Nina Simone, cover by Madame Pepper
i don't understand why everyone hasn't seen this.
this is music at its best. soooo goood.


alex said...

i recomend a book called How Children Fail, by John Holt. i read it for my sociology class on education in college. it was pretty amazing. also, wow. buying a house at your age is jus fucked. imma stay at home t'll a graduate from uni XD good luck with everything :)

nperpetuo said...

you make me happier than a drawer full of sex toys. <3

and, no, you may not... ;-)

Mush said...

no 2 puts me in mind of a cross between Damian Rice and Sigur Ros. Excellent altogether.

Nicholas said...

Totoro might be my favourite movie... if there is such a thing. I actually made a video response a few weeks ago showing my totoro music box that I brought home from Japan. Yeah... that didn't sound geeky at all. I'll stop now.

Jen said...

i love down the line by jose gonzalez.

your canadian pride is beyond adorable. everyone yearns to be from canada. no one wants to be from america.

i've never seen totoro. =\

just come live with me. i'll take care of you. <3

nperpetuo said...

i am so glad this catbus is not still for sale because i would have probably bought it for you.