Saturday, May 9, 2009

weeping willow won't you wallow louder

you are a bitch.
i am very bored, and waiting for stacey to come over.
so that we can do stupid teenager things.
and walk aimlessly.
also we will probably buy an umbrella.

this is a sign of summer.
see, stacey and i have these bleachers by my house.
we sit there and drink and do other silly teenage things,
and we wander aimlessly,
and every time it rains we buy a new umbrella.
every summer.
probably at least once a week.
its a lovely tradition of ours.
do you have traditions?
i think you do.

caleb was going to come visit this weekend
but his parents are afraid of ten lane highways.
so i think i'm going up (down) in a week or two.
i personally am a fan of the ten lane highways.
and i imagine there is less pollution over a ten lane highway than you would expect.
since you stop less, less idling. you know.
or maybe not.
i just like the image of them from above.
also the childhood memories and all.
anyways, whenever we end up visiting, 
expect music and fun times to be had in video form.
actually maybe not. 
i think i'd like to keep that memory to myself you know?
i think you know.

dave saw my i'm your puppet video.
he told me it was harsh.
you can judge him if you'd like.
personally, while i wonder where he gets off calling anything i do harsh at this point,
i generally don't care.

i burnt twelve cds today.
burning cds is fun.
i accidentally put love and caring by crystal castles on my mom's mothers day cd and didn't realize that i had until i was out of cds.
also i called in sick to work today,
so i couldn't go there and pick up more cds now could i?
no i could not.

love and caring:

i got a job at american apparel.
i also formally signed my soul away to the university of my choice.
what else?
i get my full license on the 22nd.

i believe that i am going to get

"it's history.
 it's poetry."

in that specific font and everything
tattooed on my back.
or shoulder or something.
yeah. im into the tattoo thing.

i love you.
and i have to go to the washroom.
also i've decided to go for a run before stacey arrives.
so i'd like to do that as well.

this has been my stream of consciousness
thank you for reading.

oh also,
i think i'm going to post some crazy ass cover of 
Werewolf by Cocorosie
on my second channel.
just because i can.
except i think im only going to use my voice and no instruments
just because i don't have access to a synth or a kazoo or a drum.
just because i can.

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