Tuesday, March 24, 2009

extended technology hiatus

hi world,
are you there?
its me, daniel.
i just thought i should let you know,
you're going to be my bitch this week.
no technology, no bullshit.
just you and me.
lets do this.

Monday, March 23, 2009

everything in the sky

today i was stalking a man who works at the library
for realist drama.
i named him levi burton.
the task was to analyze him for an hour 
and then recreate him realistically

(meaning no theatrics, 
no unmotivated occurrences, 
no planned anything, 
just livethatbitchonastage 

i got the vibe he was exhausted and tired with life.
then i somehow convinced myself that he was dying.
which resulted in me sitting in the library crying for a lovely hour.

i dont cry.


also a girl named ciara who is in special education 
showed me a poem she wrote
it was entitled pretty princess,
and explored her longing to be a pretty princess.
it was genuine and innocent, and i stood there and had tears streaming down my face
while i was reading it,
and it was just embarassing.


i imagine this is a result of my near 50 hours without sleep.


i'm going to go attempt to live my life, 
and hopefully i pass out wherever i happen to be.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

i met a butterfly the other day.

excuse me sir, i would like to leave the ride.
too many emergencies this time.

i want to be a fucking powerlineflyer.

"your lips are darker than before,
and the bags under your eyes are blacker than they were,
and there's something different about your skin.
and nobody knows how you got home last night"

"your bones are making me feel weary and when you speak,
i can't hear a word you say"

"if there are three old dances we could dance maybe,
three old songs we could sing maybe,
everything could be alright"

"but i keep tripping up the steps,
and there are some words i just forget,
and the tunes are fuzzy in my mind"

"and my brain hurts, and my soul does ache
and i've never felt this kind of pain,
and still nobody knows how you got home last night"

i don't know what i did to that.

i love kate nash.

after reviewing this post a few times,
i think that i'd like to add that i want dan levy

Friday, March 20, 2009


i feel like 
an atheist 
caught in 
an undertow.

i hope 
to nobody
that i'm 
wrong about 

Thursday, March 19, 2009


i want to be king. king of the fucking jungle.

that is all.

Monday, March 16, 2009

bang bang choo choo train

i don't know why that is the title.
it was just on the tv, 
which i'm not actually watching so i have no idea what it's for.
i hope it wasn't like porn or something.
if it was, trust me that i'm not THAT much of a pervert.
actually, either way it's not all that perverted.
i'll stop now.

remember those blog things that you sometimes tell people about, 
but for the most part you keep it secret?
well this is mine.
i'm probably going to slowly delete everything.

hi there.
hey, hello, how are you?

i'm dan,
and i love you,
and the world,
and silly things,
and when little kids get really excited about silly things 
like water fountains that spray really high.
they remind me that i used to get that excited about silly things...
and still do sometimes...
i'm lame.
just so you know.

oooh they autosave these now.
how kind of them.
well thanks for that.

i'll be on my merry own way now.
it was nice catching up.... with myself? 
anyways, fare thee well.
peace and love,