Friday, May 15, 2009


i'm excited with life right now.

i met my idol today.
i realized that as far as what he's presented to me,
he is simply not as eloquent and intelligent and exciting as i thought.
he's just well read.
it's funny how much fame one can attain from calling out the u.n.
not that i devalue any of his accomplishments,
nor do i wish to deny that he's an incredibly good person.

do you have have days where you just learn so much from the most obscure things?

oh hey.


Nicholas said...

My most interesting discoveries are always from seemingly uninteresting/obscure things. Probably, the veil is just a bit thinner when there's not as much makeup on a situation... so to speak.

nperpetuo said...

lessee, whom does dan idolize? initials JT?

this is one reason why i think all very smart people (and i am of course including you) should spend at least some time at the 'best' places (universities, foundations, conservatories, etc.)

first, because the people we think are extraordinary very often are. and second, because they are also very much like ourselves. for many of us, it is an important realization and gives us permission to attempt practically anything we wish to do.