Sunday, April 19, 2009

summer playlists

i literally spend hours on these.
i wear that shit out over the summer.
it has to cover everything from drunken romps, to drive ins,
impromptu road trips to montreal, new york and newfoundland
there has to be songs for the times that you're sick on the perfect day
waking up at ungodly hours to take the go train to queen street
and i live in northern ontario.
northern freaking ontario.
so there has to be a section for cottage-ing.

i'm going to post the final list here eventually.
do y'all have any suggestions?

1 comment:

Mush said...

when you mentioned getting up at an ungodly hour the first thing that sprung to my mind is the band the plaguemonkeys (described as an irish sigur ros) - they're pretty awesome but I'm not sure if they make new music any more. Google them though and have a sconce at the videos on the youtubes. There's something ethereal about the music that really suits travelling at ungodly hours.

Oh yeah and hi, my name is maurice by the way. I found you through the 5sortastraightguys when you filled in and you made me laugh so I decided to follow you. I like your blog. Some groovy writing on it.