Saturday, April 18, 2009

in your experience of the world, how do people change?

"Well it has something to do with God so it's not very nice. God splits the skin with a jagged thumbnail from throat to belly and then plunges a huge filthy hand in, he grabs hold of your bloody tubes and they slip to evade his grasp but he squeezes hard, he insists, he pulls and pulls till all your innards are yanked out and the pain, we can't even talk about that. And then he stuffs them back, dirty, tangled and torn. It's up to you to do the stitching."

"And then get up. And walk around."

"Just mangled guts pretending"

"Thats how people change"

tony kushner, is pure brilliance in human form.

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Nicholas said...

I have seen Angels in America a few times, but I still get chills... the best thing about it is when you don't focus on the gay/AIDS subtext, but the theme of change and how we keep resisting it.

And of course you have to keep in mind that it's a play, so naturally the monologues aren't something you would hear someone on the street say. Some people should spend more time in a theatre and less time watching Judge Judy. Weirdly enough that didn't bother me in AiA, but it did bother me in Dawson's Creek ;)