Monday, April 6, 2009

dave=theatreboy=exboyfriendtimestwo=cheat =reasontherewasneveranythingwithlatteboy.

i am about to
stop eating
wear all black
chain smoke
drink only coffee
pick up a fatal
cocaine addiction
and blame every
stupid thing that
i do on my 'art'
for a good two weeks.
to say that
i am at my
wits end
would be a tad
i have been
thrown up
i am just
really fucking
tired. really tired.
i like to
write in pillars
of text sometimes.
i consider myself
to be a reasonably
strong person. i
do not bend or 
break easily. i 
have yet to 
bend or break
im not sure that i will
but i digress.

pshttttt. that was lame.

that picture was taken the exact second 
that that boy heard for the first time in is life.
you can decide how you feel about it.
no metaphors here.


Nicholas said...

I'm not sure I know how you feel, but I'll tell you how I feel and you can tell me, if it fits.

Sometimes, life just tires me out. That doesn't mean I'm tired of life. It just means that I wish I could sleep for a month. Sometimes it's just tmth.

I'm also angry at theatreboy, if that's any consolation.

And I feel totally stalkerish, because I seem to be the only one commenting on your entries. I should stop.

stephen said...

theatreboy can go choke on a dick and die. you deserve wayyyyy better. that is how I feel about this situation. <3

Anonymous said...

Send theatreboy a grr from me. In other news, this post overwhelmed me. Not in a negative way but it was overwhelming. I hope I make sense

btw the word verification was "jolficie" i hope that makes you laugh like i did

Jen said...

i want to watch the stars with you and feel the earth spin beneath us as we ponder the uncertainties of our futures and the undesirable mistakes that blemish our past.

also sex.



Grey said...

who's theatreboy?

paulthequaint said...

I think you should attempt to start something up with the cute latte boy, unless there's something extremely weird about him that I don't know about. Theatre boy is in the past.

anonymous said...
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... said...

i wish i could have been around to help you through this.
i wish you had wanted me around to help you through this.

alex said...

wow. that realy sucks. dave that is. not this post. this was incredibly well written and moving, as usual :DDD

and that pic of the hearing boy was intense. like way intense..
glad u seem to be doing better now :)

wiredntired said...

spin ure legs in a foward motion.

away, away.

Change will soon come. :) It always does.

Heres to new beginnings