Sunday, March 22, 2009

i met a butterfly the other day.

excuse me sir, i would like to leave the ride.
too many emergencies this time.

i want to be a fucking powerlineflyer.

"your lips are darker than before,
and the bags under your eyes are blacker than they were,
and there's something different about your skin.
and nobody knows how you got home last night"

"your bones are making me feel weary and when you speak,
i can't hear a word you say"

"if there are three old dances we could dance maybe,
three old songs we could sing maybe,
everything could be alright"

"but i keep tripping up the steps,
and there are some words i just forget,
and the tunes are fuzzy in my mind"

"and my brain hurts, and my soul does ache
and i've never felt this kind of pain,
and still nobody knows how you got home last night"

i don't know what i did to that.

i love kate nash.

after reviewing this post a few times,
i think that i'd like to add that i want dan levy

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