Monday, March 23, 2009

everything in the sky

today i was stalking a man who works at the library
for realist drama.
i named him levi burton.
the task was to analyze him for an hour 
and then recreate him realistically

(meaning no theatrics, 
no unmotivated occurrences, 
no planned anything, 
just livethatbitchonastage 

i got the vibe he was exhausted and tired with life.
then i somehow convinced myself that he was dying.
which resulted in me sitting in the library crying for a lovely hour.

i dont cry.


also a girl named ciara who is in special education 
showed me a poem she wrote
it was entitled pretty princess,
and explored her longing to be a pretty princess.
it was genuine and innocent, and i stood there and had tears streaming down my face
while i was reading it,
and it was just embarassing.


i imagine this is a result of my near 50 hours without sleep.


i'm going to go attempt to live my life, 
and hopefully i pass out wherever i happen to be.

1 comment:

Nicholas said...

Those human emotions can be kind of crappy. The robot on the other hand seems very content. Good choice.