Monday, March 16, 2009

bang bang choo choo train

i don't know why that is the title.
it was just on the tv, 
which i'm not actually watching so i have no idea what it's for.
i hope it wasn't like porn or something.
if it was, trust me that i'm not THAT much of a pervert.
actually, either way it's not all that perverted.
i'll stop now.

remember those blog things that you sometimes tell people about, 
but for the most part you keep it secret?
well this is mine.
i'm probably going to slowly delete everything.

hi there.
hey, hello, how are you?

i'm dan,
and i love you,
and the world,
and silly things,
and when little kids get really excited about silly things 
like water fountains that spray really high.
they remind me that i used to get that excited about silly things...
and still do sometimes...
i'm lame.
just so you know.

oooh they autosave these now.
how kind of them.
well thanks for that.

i'll be on my merry own way now.
it was nice catching up.... with myself? 
anyways, fare thee well.
peace and love,


Nicholas said...

<3 silly things
and autosave
and you.

Mike's Hemp Bracelets said...

Hi Dan! I'm doing great, Thanks for asking. Nice list of things that you love. Hope you are having a great day!!!

Erin is nowhereme said...

thanks to you i have C'mon 'N Ride It (The Train) by Quad City DJs in my head. >_<

alex said...

wow. when do u have the time to do all this XD
i kinda feel like a stalker. but your jus to freakn awesome :P