Friday, June 5, 2009


blues is for the blue motherfucker:

1. Cry Me A River - Billie Holliday
yeah, my version ends at "you say you love me". i don't know why. i like it that way.
2. Re - Stacks - Bon Iver
imagine being emma. shit. 
(also this is pouring rain, this is paradise)
3. Telethon - Emily Haines
you'll notice emily is the only artist to appear twice on this list. we go way back.
4. Werewolf - Cocorosie
for the stains on her sheets and the stains on her soul. generic love shit.
5. Tell Me What to Swallow - Crystal Castles
6. The Crisis - Ennio Morricone
after i can hammer it out on the piano. but after what?
oooohhhhh mysterious. 
not really though.
that is, the mysterious thing, not the piano thing.
7. First Love - Adele
s'cuse me first love.
8. Your Heart is as Black as Night - Melody Gardot
i imagine if i'm listening to this breakup list, 
im going to agree with melody on this one.
for now at least.
9. Sprig - Emily Haines
oh hey again, you magical woman you.
this song is
it just is.
10. I Shall Be Released - Nina Simone
me too nina, me too.
11. Rewind - Paolo Nutini
not that i really sleep anyways.
(i do, however, drink stronger spirits.)
12. Cycling Trivialities - Jose Gonzalez
in regards to motion and that shit.
13. Tonight - Lykke Li
sweden is a very cool country.
but you're probably a fuck tard and you let me go.
or i'm probably a fuck tard and i let you go.
or maybe neither of us are fuck tards.
but probably one of us is, because
i like having a fuck tard to be angry at.
14. Until We Bleed - Kleerup & Lykke Li (Mikael Karlsson Cello Mix)
oh hello there musical embodiment of
feelings afterwards.
15. Bum Like You - Robyn (Acoustic)
16. Baby Please Don't Go - Muddy Waters
like i said,
blues is for the blue
17. Nothing2Step2 - Thunderheist
because this song makes me really happy
and you don't.
and because its amazing.

i was looking at carlos' heartbreak mix in his One Dose Daily video
and i looked at mine as a result.
i actually just love this playlist.

i'm going to burn a new copy.
and i can listen to it without that feeling.
its not because i need it,
its because its a wicked cd.
i didn't know i was at that point,
and that feeling
is fucking awesome.


barney. said...

epic tunes!
i love me some blues.

Yiorgos said...

not to be difficult mister, but the "re:stacks" line is:

this is pouring rain
this is paralyzed

your playlist is magnificent.

Anonymous said...

woah, you have a super good music taste. until we bleed and werewolf are my favourite since forever !